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Gerontological Nursing: A way forward!!


What is Gerontological Nursing?

The project description of Gerontological Nursing represents the starting point of the practitioner led model. It is intended to be realistic and accessible for practitioners and older people.

Project Definition

Gerontological Nursing contributes to and often leads the interdisciplinary and multi-agency care of older people. It may be practised in a variety of settings although it is most likely to be developed within services dedicated to the care of older people.

It is a relationship-centred approach that promotes healthy ageing and the achievement of well-being in the older person and their carers, enabling them to adapt to the older personís health and life changes and to face ongoing life challenges.

To achieve this, in-depth Gerontological Nursing knowledge, skills and experience are required together with commitment to a shared vision and an explicit value base.

(Community of Practice, 2004)

The virtual practice development community has developed a set of principles which reflect their beliefs about Gerontological Nursing.

If you would like to comment on our definition then please feel free to contact us with your comments.


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